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API Release 0.9.0



  • User Streams (user-specific websockets, like App Streams for individual users)
  • Invited users now have 512MiB of free storage, ensuring everyone has some free storage
  • Users may gift Pnut Badges to other users
  • Basic poll search
  • Get multiple polls by ID in a single call
  • Bookmarks may be saved with note, which is only visible to the user who bookmarked it, when retrieving their own bookmarks
  • Clients can limit what scopes can be authorized
  • /sys/stats now includes counts.clients.public, tracking clients that are "active/public" and usable by more than just a single user
  • Alternative API domain
  • App Streams messages and posts now include meta.suppress_notifications, and meta.subscribed_user_ids to simplify notifications
  • include_replies and include_mention_posts query parameters for post streams
  • has_mentions post search filter


  • Requesting account deletion requires password verification
  • Only human account-types can respond to polls
  • is_your_response on poll options changed to true or false from 1 or 0
  • App Streams now have connection- and subscription-level query parameters
  • App Streams objects are more consistent
  • User tokens return with in addition to storage.available.


  • Some old avatars were not deleted
  • /users/{id}/cover was not redirecting properly
  • "Account locked out" was logged after single failed login attempt
  • include_user=0 returned empty string instead of user's ID for embedded users on file objects
  • Following a user in rapid succession could cause multiple listings of a user in your follows or followings

Released 2018-08-13