A short-messaging social network

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  • Asymmetric following
  • Private messaging, group messaging, and arbitrary streams

Free, but invite-only

Our community network is small and sustainable. We are tied closely to our users and developers through their donations and optional pay-what-you-want features.

When you invite someone, they are associated with you in the user tree.


The API encourages a high level of transparency and control. You will need a third-party app to do even the simplest things, but there are plenty of options; from Android and iOS to command line and Blackberry.

If you have questions or would like an invite, get in touch!

It's a lovely day, and I'm going to spend it indoors hacking.
@doctorlinguist …and is kinda dismayed that if someone entered a coma in 1995 and woke up just now, all you'd need to explain to the recovered vegetable is "CompuServe is now called 'Facebook'".
Bonjour pnut.