A short-messaging social network

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  • Asymmetric following
  • Private messaging, group messaging, and arbitrary streams

Free, but invite-only

Our community network is a small, sustainable hobby. We are tied closely to our users and developers through their Patreon pledges and small opt-in features. When you invite someone, they are associated with you in the user tree and you may be responsible for them if they abuse the network.


You will need an app from a developer to do even the simplest things, but they can build very creative software! From iOS to command line to Blackberry, they have made beautiful apps. The API encourages a high level of transparency and control of what comes across the network.

If you have questions or would like an invite, get in touch!

@unixb0y Well I guess yes. AFAIK @bazbt3 is the master of ceremony here.
BTW: What do you think of German language entries to #WedC?
@davidby @lars Evening gents. (At least it is here in the UK.) This fledgling wiki may or may not be useful:


It may also mislead horribly. :)
Status: "In Review"
Okay let's calm down and hope the morons at the big fruit manage to enter the password correctly....
Every time Trump tweets, this bot prints then burns it. https://twitter.com/burnedyourtweet/status/846858076800077824/video/1