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Pnut is a friendly, international social network. Jumping into others' conversations is encouraged.

In a typical week, we might have an Online dance party, an event to change avatars to match a theme, a writing challenge, and requests for peoples' favorite quotes for the day. Folks will host coding parties, Minecraft play days, and other community events. The Secret Santa around Christmas is a blast.

More details have been collected in the community wiki.

Data Ownership

What you create on Pnut is yours. You can download it at any time in its raw form, and you can remove it as you see fit.

Once you have an account, you can authorize third-party apps to do powerful things. The major features are a global feed of posts for you to engage in conversation, and private messaging between groups. But Pnut is very extensible, and developers can use it to build many different kinds of apps.

Developer Platform

Pnut is an API-first platform; we keep the service lean and let developers build the front-ends and creative applications on top of pnut.

The API was inspired by, and there are resources available to jump into development. People have built apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, command line, and more.

For a one-time $42 charge, developers have access to Pnut's API and app directory. But any user can create one app for themselves. Take a look at the API.


The network is a hobby business in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA supported directly by users. You may join for $5/month or $30/year with a few perks:

  • 10GiB storage
  • RSS feed of your personal stream
  • Invites for friends

There are no ads, no ulterior motives. Learn more about the sign-up options.

Continue the Conversation

We love talking about this project, and are open to any ideas you have for supporting it! From features, to writing copy and ways to welcome people, to graphics or other improvements, let us know what you have in mind.

Pnut @pnut
Twitter @pnutio

We track public feature requests and bugs on GitHub, but we won't turn down good input through other means!

If your issue involves security, please contact us privately first., LLC