• client logoPatter by @33MHz

    PM and chat client.

  • Paste by @mcdemarco

    A clipboard for

  • client logoGoober by @thrrgilag

    A mobile client for Android.

  • client logoenuts by @kyo

    Desktop client for Windows, macOS, and Linux!

  • client logoFileZ by @ludolphus

    iOS file manager for all your pnuts.

    View existing files. Create new files by uploading a photo, video or audio clip using the in-app audio recorder. Draw something and save it in your pnut storage.

    Share files with many options.

    Pinch to zoom the file list.

  • client logoNutcracker by @ludolphus

    API Console for (based on A•N

  • Brusque by @33MHz

    Chrome posting and notification extension

  • client logoRobin by @33MHz

    Android 4.4+ app for

  • client logoNoodle by @33MHz

    Mobile-friendly web app.

  • client logoArachis by @rafaelcosta

    Full featured Pnut client, supports iOS 10+

  • Market Bucket by @mcdemarco

    Shopping lists powered by

  • client logoApero by @ericd

    Full featured macOS client.

    Streams, editable posts, PMs, channels (Patter), embedd images/gifs from URL or upload to pnut storage, pnut storage files management, search (posts, messages, tags, users...), threads, trending posts, edit profile, dynamic timelines, see who replied to or starred your posts, who followed you, and lots of other goodies.

  • client logoPnutButler by @unixb0y

    Share anything from anywhere to Pnut! :) iOS 9+

  • client logoBeta by @xyz

    Beta is web client for pnut.

  • client logoRTPaaS (fp) by @kwood

    Post up to 3 RSS feeds of your choice to your timeline.

  • client logoDale by @lechindianer

    Yet another Android client for

  • Broadsword by @33MHz

    Basic public timeline web app.

  • client logomndp by @jdscolam

    The client for viewing and dj-ing #MondayNightDanceParty.