• Robin by @33MHz

    OSS unstable alpha, with public timeline and chat and PM channels.


  • Patter by @33MHz

    PM and chat client.

  • Beta by @xyz

    Beta is web client for pnut

  • Paste by @mcdemarco

    A clipboard for

  • Noodle by @33MHz

    Mobile-friendly web app.

  • nutcracker by @ludolphus

    API Console for (based on A•N

  • JellyTime by @kwood

    Client-side web app, targets mobile and desktop. Support for channels and private messages.

  • Market Bucket by @mcdemarco

    Shopping lists powered by

  • Brusque by @33MHz

    Chrome posting and notification extension

  • Broadsword by @33MHz

    Basic public timeline web app.



  • Apero by @ericd

    Full featured macOS client.


  • mikutter_pnutio by @Petitsurume

    mikutter(twitter client) plugin (WIP)

  • NuttyBot by @thrrgilag

    NuttyBot is a bridge for connecting with Telegram and Matrix.

  • enuts by @kyo

    Desktop client for Windows, macOS, and Linux!

  • Goober by @thrrgilag

    A mobile client for Android and BlackBerry 10.