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ChimPnut - microblogging , private messaging and chat. Add photos, video and audio to your posts and messages. Optionally share your location. Draw something and share your creativity. Share the music that plays on your device with now playing feature. Choose from 8 themes to make ChimPnut your own.

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ChimPnut is a client built on the social network framework, using api version 1 since March 2021. It runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Supports (multiple) image(s) in posts. Private messages and Patter also have image attachment support.

Some features:

- Create posts & PMs with (multiple) images, location
- Full poll support, create and attach to posts and messages, vote, manage your polls
- Push notifications for mentions in public posts
- Mark posts as NSFW
- Pnut presence status
- Photo editor with filters & stickers
- Eight themes
- Twitter cross posting
- Comprehensive URL scheme using x-callback-url
- Stream marker
- Hashtag, thread & client muting options
- Create check-in posts using Google Places API or custom user specified check-in
- Create group PM channel
- Multi user
- Long press links to open in browser, share by email or add to Safari reading list
- Share Now Playing & last photo
- Draw Something to add to a post
- Markdown for links (tap the character counter to insert a template)
- Patter
- Update your profile, avatar & cover image
- Mail/copy link to the post, mail post including text, copy text/postid to clipboard
- See who is following user and being followed by users
- See what other users bookmarked
- See if a user mentioned you
- See user annotations
- Interactions view
- Save inline images to camera roll
- Repost posts
- Repost with quote

Check for more information.

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Jan 23, 2017
Last Updated
Mar 13, 2021
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