Apps - Recommended

  • client logoBeta by @xyz

    Beta is web client for pnut.

  • client logoPnutButler by @unixb0y

    Share anything from anywhere to Pnut! :) iOS 9+

  • client logoChimPnut by @ludolphus

    ChimPnut - microblogging , private messaging and chat. Add photos, video and audio to your posts and messages. Optionally share your location. Draw something and share your creativity. Share the music that plays on your device with now playing feature. Choose from 8 themes to make ChimPnut your own.

  • client logoenuts by @kyo

    Desktop client for Windows, macOS, and Linux!

  • client logoGoober by @thrrgilag

    A mobile client for Android.

  • client logoJellyTime by @kwood

    Client-side web app, targets mobile and desktop. Support for channels and private messages.

  • client logoNoodle by @33MHz

    Mobile-friendly web app.

  • Paste by @mcdemarco

    A clipboard for

  • client logoPatter by @33MHz

    PM and chat client.

  • client logoRobin by @33MHz

    Android 4.4+ app for

  • client logoApero by @ericd

    Full featured macOS client.

    Streams, editable posts, PMs, channels (Patter), embedd images/gifs from URL or upload to pnut storage, pnut storage files management, search (posts, messages, tags, users...), threads, trending posts, edit profile, see who replied to or starred your posts, who followed you, and lots of other goodies.

  • Broadsword by @33MHz

    Basic public timeline web app.

  • client logomndp by @jdscolam

    The client for viewing and dj-ing #MondayNightDanceParty.