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Full featured macOS client.

Streams, editable posts, PMs, channels (Patter), embedd images/gifs from URL or upload to pnut storage, pnut storage files management, search (posts, messages, tags, users...), threads, trending posts, edit profile, see who replied to or starred your posts, who followed you, and lots of other goodies.

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A macOS 10.11+ client.

- Streams: Global, Home, Mentions

- Channels: PMs, chatrooms, other types

- Explore: Conversations, Posts with photos, Trending posts, Lonely posts

- Create editable posts, reply, star, repost

- Embed images in your posts and messages (from existing urls or uploading to pnut storage)

- Send messages to chatrooms, to private channels or to any channel

- Open posts and messages conversations in dedicated windows

- All photos + GIFs are visible in the timeline

- Edit your profile: avatar, cover, name, description

- Search for a user by keywords in their description or name

- Search for posts, globally or by a specific user

- Search for messages and PMs in specific channels

- Find a user profile by their username or ID

- Find an existing PM channel between you and another user

- Find all posts containing a specific hashtag

- List recent interactions: who replied to or starred your posts, who followed you, etc

- Subscribe to existing channels

- List and manage your images (if you own pnut storage)

- UI is customizable: select and make themes, select fonts, use light or dark mode

- Option to highlight posts mentioning you

- Option to exclude "directed posts"

- Option to open links in the app

- Option to hide NSFW posts

and many more goodies, see the FAQ [].

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Sep 15, 2016
Last Updated
Oct 8, 2017