Signing Up

Pnut accounts are backed by an invite system with free accounts and some paid benefits.

Supporting Pnut with Badges

Pnut is supported exclusively by users and developers. Badges are earned by contributing to Pnut financially, unlocking a few perks:

  • 10GiB storage
  • RSS feed of your personal stream

You can sign up for an account with a badge for $5/month or $30/year, and then invite others, who can sign up for no charge and decide for themselves if they want the paid perks.


The invite system is a friendly way to grow while controlling spam.

It is also invaluable in conflict resolution. If an account or series of accounts is misbehaving, it will be much easier to identify technical API abuses like spam based on their invite patterns.

And in the case of a more subjective moral abuse, it will still be helpful; we will be able to approach those who invited the user, who will be able to act as an ambassador between, those abused, and the accused.

You are inextricably related to those you invite, so do not invite anonymously unless you're comfortable doing so. But by the same token, we will not move quickly to censure accounts related to abusive accounts.


Invites only accrue on their own each time that you go to the Invites page in your account. They will only increase by one (1), 24 hours after your most recent invite creation or use.

You may have up to seven (7) invites at a time.

How to Give Them Away

You may give a friend an invite directly by giving them the code and sending them to, or by appending the code to that link yourself, and giving the whole link to them.

Alternatively, you can have E-mail them the code directly... Just be sure they know to check their spam if it doesn't arrive within a couple minutes!

If you have E-mail them, that code will be tied to that E-mail address for 24 hours, and cannot be used by anyone else.