But what is Pnut really?

Hardly anyone cares. But we do — that's why we're here.


We won't give every detail, but Pnut is a single server hosted in a building in Saint Louis, MO, USA. It's not some advanced contraption of moving parts or a complex hierarchy of owned and borrowed contracts.

Well, some things are complicated. Files that are uploaded to Pnut are stored on Amazon Web Services servers, in complex contraptions and advanced hierarchies. E-mails sent from Pnut go through Amazon servers, as well.

Who's the King?

Everyone is king of their own data. If you delete it, it's gone. If you close your account, it's all gone.

Developers are king of stewarding your data (when you let them). Granting access to a client lets that client (potentially that developer) access your data.

The Pnut administrator (that's @33MHz) is king over the developers, your data, your behavior — everything you do, he sees and controls. OK, just kidding. He is the benevolent overlord of Pnut.