User Interactions

Users may see some common actions that have been made against their self, posts, polls, etcetera. Events from multiple users are grouped into the most recent event of the same type and object, within a short time.

E.g., if two users repost the same post of yours within a day, they may be included in a single event. But further apart, they would be included as separate events.

Objects by Action

Action Objects
bookmark, reply, repost Post
follow User
poll_response Poll

The poll included from a poll_response action is static and abbreviated like it is when included embedded in io.pnut.core.poll raw. If the poll is anonymous, users will not be included.


GET /users/me/interactions

Scope: any

Retrieve actions executed against the authenticated user and their content.

Query Parameters

Name Description
filters Comma-separated list of actions to filter by. ?filters=bookmark will only include bookmarks. Allowed: bookmark, repost, reply, follow, poll_response.
exclude Comma-separated list of actions to exclude. ?exclude=bookmark will return all actions except bookmarks. If filters is also specified, this is ignored.
curl "" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
    -H "X-Pretty-Json: 1"

Returns a list of interactions.

    "meta": {
        "more": true,
        "max_id": "0",
        "min_id": "0",
        "code": 200
    "data": [
            "pagination_id": "0",
            "event_date": "ISO 8601",
            "action": "String",
            "objects": [
                {"...Post Object..."}
            "users": [
                {"...User Object..."},
                {"...User Object..."}