This subset of endpoints can be accessed via RSS. Note that filter query parameters will work.


Template URIs

URLs in the RSS feeds will by default link to post and message paths on However, you may want to expose an RSS feed in your client that links to a different app. This is especially useful for custom channel types, which will not show up properly on the Beta web app.

To use template URIs in a feed, append ?uri_template=[YOUR URL] to the feed URL. Available replacements:

  • {post_id}
  • {channel_id}
  • {message_id}
  • {username}
  • {user_id}

For example, uses a channel for every "gallery" in the app. It then links to a gallery like{channel_id}/{message_id}.

GET /feed/rss/posts/tags/{tag}

The API exposes tagged posts as RSS at{tag}.

GET /feed/rss/users/{user_id}/posts

A user's posts are exposed as RSS at{user_id}/posts.

Post search results are exposed as RSS at

GET /feed/rss/channels/{channel_id}/messages

Messages are exposed as RSS at{id}/messages.

Note that ?access_token={token} will have to be appended to non-public channels.

Channel search results are exposed as RSS at