Message Search


Scope: none

Retrieve a list of messages filtered by the given criteria.

Query Parameters


Name Description
q List of words included in messages


Name Description
order One of id or relevance. Default is by relevance


Name Description
channel_ids Required pm to search all accessible private messages, or comma-separated list of channel IDs
client_id Only include messages created by this client ID
created_after ISO 8601-formatted timestamp after which messages were created
created_before ISO 8601-formatted timestamp before which messages were created
creator_id Only include messages created by this user ID
file_id Matches with this file attached
file_kinds Comma-separated list of oEmbed-attached file types (video, audio, image, other)
is_nsfw If 0, does not include NSFW messages
is_reply 1 or 0 to only include messages that are or are not replies
is_sticky If 1, only include sticky messages
leading_mentions Comma-separated list of mentions at the beginning of a message. Any matches returned
mentions Comma-separated list of mentions. Any matches returned
poll_id Matches with this poll attached
raw_types Comma-separated list of attached raw types. Any matches returned
reply_to Only include messages replying to this message
tags Comma-separated list of tags. Any matches returned
thread_id Only include messages in this thread
url_domains Comma-separated list of domains. Any matches returned. Do not include http:// or www in front of domain
urls Comma-separated list of URLs. Any matches returned
user_types Comma-separated list of user types of: human, feed, bot
curl ",18" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
    -H "X-Pretty-Json: 1"

Returns a list of messages

    "meta": {
        "more": false,
        "max_id": "0",
        "min_id": "0",
        "code": 200
    "data": [
        {"...Message Object..."}