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  • "Welcoming committee" option for email digests
  • User followers and following can be ordered by last_post_id, followed_at, id
  • User search can filter by is_following, is_follower
  • New "256" post explore stream


  • Personal Data Request Broken on v1
  • Not all Chat Room HTML Converted to Entities
  • Changing account to bot does not properly register it as bot
  • Changing account to feed left some follower data intact
  • Developers could not create new clients
  • V0 Poll raw was showing in new v1 format
  • Channel Subscribers sometimes showing duplicates

Released 2021-07-30


Note: v0.9.6 will continue to be supported as-is until further notice.


  • E-mail Digest Notifications
  • New Channel Fields
  • Chat Room Name on Messages in Streams
  • Chat Room Rich Text Description
  • Channel Explore Streams
  • Changing Channel Owners
  • Message Replies Count
  • NSFW Reposts
  • Search Improvements
  • Polls Added to App Streams
  • RSS Feeds Include Media



  • User Streams and App Streams disabled for API v0 v0.9.6
  • file, token, and follow User Stream Events Include Data
  • Posts and Messages in User and App Streams
  • Private Message ACL Changes
  • Poll Response Handling Changed
  • Raw Objects Reformatted
  • User Objects No Longer Overloaded
  • User "users" Count Removed
  • Channel Owner Renamed
  • Message is_sticky Always Present
  • References to "link" Now "url"
  • Post Revision Now an Integer
  • System Stats Endpoint Adjustment
  • System Config Endpoint Adjustment
  • Text Render Endpoint Adjustment
  • Search Changes
  • User Poll Response Stream


  • "basic" Authentication Scope Always Included v0.9.6+
  • Error Responses
  • Animated GIF Avatars
  • Accepted Actions Against Reposts
  • E-mail Notifications for Follow, Repost, Bookmark


  • New TLDs Recognized v0.9.6+
  • Documentation Structure Reorganized


  • Channel ACL Duplicates v0.9.6+
  • public_messages Scope Creep v0.9.6+
  • Updating User Badge v0.9.6+
  • Revised Post created_at Format v0.9.6+
  • Search Fixes v0.9.6+
  • International Punycode Links v0.9.6+
  • Error Handling of Multiple Messages or Posts by ID

Released 2021-02-27



  • Used invites view
  • Simple QR code invite
  • Chat room E-mail notifications
  • RSS feed URI templates
  • MFA backup code
  • E-mail notification link presets


  • "API changes" documentation
  • Markdown link length calculation documentation
  • Marking all of a channel type as "read"
  • Unread chat room count on subscribed channels
  • Message search "replies" flag
  • More flexible user messages scopes


  • Localizations
  • Poll search order

Released 2020-05-02