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API Release 1.1.0

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"Welcoming committee" option for email digests

In your account notifications, you can now enable regular digest E-mails that include "New users and posts from infrequent users". There was already an option to receive similar posts from people you follow, but now you can receive notices for posts from people you don't follow.

User followers and following can be ordered by last_post_id, followed_at, id

Sorting following lists can help you find more relevant users more easily. Could be interesting to pull up folks you haven't heard from recently, or sort by when they joined the network, for example.

User search can filter by is_following, is_follower

Limiting searches to is_following=0 will only show users you aren't already following, while is_follower=1 would only show users that do follow you.

New "256" post explore stream

A Post explore stream has been added which only shows posts that are 256 characters long.


Personal Data Request Broken on v1


Not all Chat Room HTML Converted to Entities


Changing account to bot does not properly register it as bot

A few endpoints still recognized users as "human"-type.

Changing account to feed left some follower data intact

Now properly handles removing followers.

Developers could not create new clients

Client creation restored.

V0 Poll raw was showing in new v1 format

Reworked to show old style when pulling up from V0.

Channel Subscribers sometimes showing duplicates

Now only one of a subscriber will show.