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2018-01-14 v0.7.7

  • API Documentation app can be authorized, allowing you to make API calls from documentation and see the response live. The examples are editable on-page
  • Link parsing improvements
  • Adjusted notification email timing
  • Post and message URI Templates must use {object_id} instead of {post_id} in links
  • Documentation includes type of access token required for endpoints (app vs user)
  • Failed login went to MFA login
  • content.html now begins with <span itemscope itemtype=""> instead of <span itemscope itemtype=""> to follow microdata spec

2017-12-10 v0.7.6

This is a bug fix update to

  • Option to require OTP passwords for password flow authentications
  • One-Time Passwords now create a short random string for a name, instead of user input
  • More clarity on profile update form
  • MFA login now allows "Remember login" cookie but requires the TOTP code. A failed attempt or leaving the page will unset the "Remember login" cookie.
  • Web Flows and Password Flow return much more specific feedback when something is not set properly
  • Password form validation required a digit and uppercase, which is not supposed to be required anymore
  • Failed MFA login would redirect to the normal login without client authorization details, if they had been set

2017-11-30 v0.7.5

  • account area translations
  • New Privacy page includes mutes, blocks, and new function to limit who can create new private message channels with you
  • Bookmark E-mail notifications option for pnut badge supporters
  • App Streams support raw by setting appropriate query parameters on the websocket link
  • Developer client "tokens" are no longer a thing; instead, new clients can be made by developers after a certain period
  • kind is no longer required on file upload; you may juggle whether to specify kind, mime_type, neither, both
  • locale limited to smaller list; more locales should be added on demand and as supportable
  • email scope is not authorizable over Password Flow, to prevent possible privacy concern
  • Link entity parsing adjusted (now includes links preceded by parenthesis)
  • Message streams now allow negative count (?count=-4)
  • App Streams now can differentiate between revised, reposted, and newly created or deleted posts
  • Numerous possible edge cases with app streams returning partial objects

2017-11-16 v0.7.4

  • App directory "early access" and "bot" categories
  • Tokens can be assigned a "token group" on creation, and tokens can be revoked for an app based on IP address and token group
  • kind: audio file type recognizes MP3, FLAC, and WAVE files
  • email scope has been added, which adds email to user tokens
  • files:core_image and files:core_audio special scopes have been added, giving access to their respective kind of files
  • oEmbed endpoint for posts and files
  • Endpoints for reporting posts and messages
  • newcomers post explore stream, including users' first 50 posts
  • Post, channel, and message searches allow ?raw_types parameter
  • and raw types
  • RSS moved from to (old links redirect)
  • Canonical posts and user profiles direct to @xyz's beta app
  • Notifications are silenced within 30 seconds of previous notifications of the same type, and channel notifications are silenced if the user has a stream marker ahead of the message
  • Developers can "remember" login
  • raw properly catches any improper values for value
  • Some cases where objects wouldn't be sent to app streams
  • User editing reverse markdown was broken with multiple markdown links
  • New developers' existing apps were not automatically made usable by other users
  • Bot and feed users' mentions did not correctly go to mention streams
  • ?include_message_html=0 was ignored

2017-10-14 v0.7.3

This is a minor update to

  • Users can now sign up for an account with a pnut badge if they don't have an invite
  • E-mail notifications happen instantaneously, then follow up with a digest of more of the same soon after
  • Password flow will return error for invalid scopes
  • Can remove verified domain from profile
  • Invites page improved
  • Languages and timezones limited to finite list instead of dynamically generated list
  • Enabling MFA requires a TOTP code up front, before enabling
  • Password flow didn't allow extended scopes
  • GET /users/me/channels did not work with only extended scopes authorized
  • No longer authorizes an extended scope if its basic scope has already been authorized

2017-09-30 v0.7.2

This is a minor feature update to

  • App Directory reorganized into categories, multiple platforms
  • Apps can now be "recommended" by users
  • Post and message stream meta now includes deleted_ids and revised_ids, which are lists of post or message IDs that have been deleted or revised since since_id
  • pnut badges added to profiles; supporting users may opt in to include badge: {object} on their user object
  • front page redesign
  • guid was still included on some posts and users
  • Creating App Streams did not handle some errors clearly

2017-09-10 v0.7.1

This is a minor feature update to

  • Personal data exports may be requested in the "Data" section of your account (*Currently does not include files)
  • Numerous new characteristics for developers to note about their apps, including pictures
  • API errors will often include referenceable meta.error_id on 500 responses
  • /users/me/actions now combines multiple objects in the objects list for the same action commited by different users
  • Front page and app pages redesigned
  • Link parsing should be operational; API will retrieve title and description for a link
  • Removed all GUID properties (posts, users, messages)
  • RSS tag feeds of multibyte character tags would not load

2017-08-27 v0.7.0

This is a major feature update to

  • User, post, channel, and message search
  • Derivative files
  • Auto-generated thumbnails for images
  • File link expiration extended
  • ?include_directed_posts=0 does not exclude your own posts
  • Replies to your own posts do not add that thread to the Conversations explore stream
  • App streams allow the access token to be included in the header or query parameter, like other API calls
  • A message in a PM channel will re-subscribe any users who haven't muted the channel
  • Improved domain verification on profiles using rel="me" link
  • TOTP login authentication is available to everyone
  • /users/{user_id}/clients not retrieving all active clients in some cases
  • TOTP authentication setup
  • PM not able to find existing channel in some cases
  • Owners and full-ACL users not able to delete others' messages in non-PM channels
  • Complex tags in posts not rendered as links on
  • redirect_uri did not work with an edge case

2017-07-25 v0.6.0

This is a major feature update to

  • File API
  • Pay-what-you-want tier!
    • Repost and follow E-mail notifications
    • RSS feed of personal and unified streams
    • File Storage
    • MFA logins (TOTP option)
  • Added microformats2 to posts and profiles
  • Added markdown_text to user profile when retrieving own profile (helpful for editing)
  • Including &simple_login=1 on web authentication flows now shows an embed-friendly page for oauth
  • Consolidated some account management areas
  • Increased invite limit from 5 to 7
  • Clarified activation process on new sign up
  • Notification E-mails are now digests
  • Avatars and cover images limited to 2097152 and 4194304 bytes, instead of 2000000 and 4000000 bytes
  • Posts from bots will not add threads to the "Conversations" explore stream
  • now reverses markdown when editing your profile
  • Password recovery E-mail address was case-sensitive
  • "Users" count on user objects (number of users invited) was incorrect
  • Deleted messages were not being sent to App Streams
  • Channel owner access was denied in an edge case

Note that after a year, current developers will have to pay $10/year for developer access.

2017-04-30 v0.5.1

This is a minor feature and bug fix update to

  • The first developer to authorize an extended scope can now customize a description of what it is used for, when users authorize the scope in the future ("Content Types" in dev area)
  • Users can change username once, and can change capitalization as often as they want, from profile settings
  • Including #nsfw in a post automatically marks it as "Not Safe for Work", unless explicitly marked otherwise
  • Including ?exclude_channel_types= on channel streams excludes the given types from the stream (opposite of ?channel_types=)
  • Including ?include_limited_users=1 on subscribed channel streams and individual channel calls will include users as limited objects in the ACL instead of user IDs only
  • "Missed Conversations" explore stream added (random posts that had no interactions)
  • Activity log now includes administrative events (when an admin makes you a developer, suspends your account, etc.)
  • Bare links are now parsed differently, and will accept more valid links, including IPv4/6 addresses
  • Emoji tag streams did not function on
  • /users/{user_id}/posts now returns the user's posts even if an authorized user requests it after blocking or muting them

2017-04-15 v0.5.0

This is a feature update to

  • App tokens
  • App Streams
  • Umlauts, emoji, foreign characters allowed in tags
  • Logo
  • Many new documents, some vague
  • Redirect URIs can now have query parameters and still validate
  • Link entities will not include redundant phishing protection
  • API documentation is rearranged, and included verbatim from the GitHub repository
  • OAuth now warns when the client is requesting a non-HTTPS redirect_uri, and better displays what is being authorized
  • now shows oembed images on posts. Other minor improvements
  • The "Support Us" page now includes message counts in the stats
  • Mentions in a post are now more likely to be considered "leading mentions"
  • Messages do not include counts.replies at all (for now)
  • Multiple manually submitted links would fail to be parsed
  • Invites were not calculated correctly (so were seldom given out)
  • Redirecting after login and related edge cases are improved around OAuth

2017-03-14 v0.4.5b

This is a minor feature update to

  • "Support Us" page has basic stats
  • New "Activity" account page, which shows the last 10 significant actions made in your account (logins, password changes, etc.)

2017-03-03 v0.4.5

This is a minor feature update to

  • Invites are now created automatically
  • Each app in the directory now has its own simple page, with expanded description
  • Can hide posts directed at people you do not follow
  • Can hide "copy mentions" on the mentions endpoint
  • New Explore streams for posts that are Conversations, Trending, and Photos
  • New endpoint /users/me/channels/existing_pm retrieves a channel between a given set of users, if it exists
  • The subscribed channels endpoint (/users/me/channels/subscribed) includes count for unread PMs in the meta field
  • Can now add "notes" to unused invites, to easily track what you're doing with them
  • PM notifications are strictly indicators that you have unread PMs, and no longer contain the text of the messages
  • Better HTML version of the mention notification E-mail
  • Underscores now allowed in tags
  • Small improvement to threads and user profiles on
  • Clients now require approval before being published to the app directory
  • Deauthorizing a client that doesn't have any tokens now deauthorizes its scopes properly
  • Deleted posts should no longer show up in older threads/streams (as well as other bleeding possibilities)
  • Channels were showing up multiple times (a subscription bug) on the subscribed channels endpoint
  • count=-**n** now works as expected on post streams
  • Text with E-mail addresses in it should not be parsed as links or mentions

2017-02-04 v0.4.4

This is a minor update to

  • All non-developers now have the ability to create one client that only they can authorize
  • Users who reposted or bookmarked posts can be included by including query parameters include_reposted_by and include_bookmarked_by
  • Basic view of tags at and RSS for them at
  • Non-markdown non-client-supplied links are restricted to known TLDs
  • Mentions are allowed at the end of word breaks (think: "@, '@, (@)
  • Improved user profiles and threads
  • Suspended and deleted accounts no longer retrievable from
  • public_messages and messages being authorized could result in only public_messages access
  • User RSS handles reposts properly

2017-01-25 v0.4.3

This is a minor update to

  • include_marker=1 option available on all stream marker-capable endpoints
  • "-" was not handled correctly in link entities
  • Mutes were making messages and post actions appear multiple times

2017-01-23 v0.4.2

This is a minor update to


Submitting entities.links on posts, messages, and users works (it is incongruously entities.links on posts and messages, but content.entities.links on users) Markers are always included on GET /channels/{channel_id}/messages and can be included on GET /channels/{channel_id} with include_marker=1 in the query


Deactivating accounts is more straight-forward and consistent


Unicode pos and len on entities was not handled properly Tags inside markdown were parsed, breaking html/text GET /users?ids= can now be @-usernames and user IDs is_nsfw was not consistently handled (and sometimes ignored)

2017-01-15 v0.4.1

This is a minor update to

  • Usernames were case-sensitive in password_flow
  • channels were not creatable
  • Public channels included you in the ACL unnecessarily when not authenticated
  • Deleting channel messages sometimes did not work
  • /users/me/actions not returning follow actions under some circumstances

2017-01-07 v0.4.0

This is a major update to The following is notable.

  • raw data on posts, messages, users, and channels
  • Stream markers can be updated to the latest ID on post or message creation
  • Channel-specific sticky messages
  • Channel thread endpoint
  • Revising posts saves the complete original post, where it used to only preserve the original text and html
  • X-API-Version header changed to a major.minor.bugfix format, though in 0.x.x, all are minor or bugfix changes
  • Avatars/covers not showing on profiles
  • /users/me/channels/subscribed was ordered by ID only, now by most recent message or most recent creation, with clarifying pagination_id
  • Requesting a token did not return the list of scopes for it
  • New user creation did not properly handle the created "follow" action
  • Calls for user avatars/covers were not forwarding query parameters

2016-11-24 v0.3.0

This is a major update to The following is notable.

  • More capable app directory
  • Mutes and blocks management from
  • Channels
  • Stream markers
  • Client secret reset option
  • pagination_id added to user, post, message, and channel objects in paginated responses
  • Following, followers, muted, and blocked user lists are now paginated
  • PUT/DELETE bookmark returns the post bookmarked
  • presence endpoints now include a timestamp of the last time a user was seen (even when their status is not "offline")
  • Bookmarks are no longer restricted to the bookmarker
  • invited_by no longer included on user objects (simply able to look it up on the invite tree on
  • Developers required to enter password on every login
  • Markdown links and normal links are parsed by default. To prevent parsing, must include entities.parse_links=0
  • Requests for tokens respond with errors closer to OAuth 2.0 guidelines
  • Removed /posts/streams/feed, /posts/streams/link, /posts/streams/domain, /posts/streams/link (more appropriate to retrieve via future search)
  • Moved /system/configuration and /system/statistics to /sys/config and /sys/stats
  • Inviting a user now creates a "follow" action when they auto-follow the inviter
  • Blocks are missing fewer edge cases
  • Revising a post parsing markdown links and normal links improperly
  • Users' list of actions executed against them could only filter by one type; now any number