These are the current reasons that will be honored for reporting:

  • account_type: posting in a behavior counter to the purposes of account types
  • nsfw: unflagged mature material according to the community guidelines
  • soliciting: unwelcome soliciting
  • user_abuse: use of the API or network to abuse another user


POST /posts/{post_id}/report

Token: user

Scope: any

Report a post for abuse.

To test this endpoint, report a post by user @testuser.

URL Parameters

Name Description
post_id ID of the post to report.

POST Body Data

Name Description
reason One of: account_type, nsfw, soliciting, user_abuse.
curl "" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -D "{\"reason\": \"account_type\"}" \
    -X POST \
    -H "X-Pretty-Json: 1"

Returns a 201