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API Release 1.2.0

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Suggested Users

  • GET /users/suggested

This new endpoint provides a simple jumping off point for finding users. It's not complex. Hopefully works for users with no followers and users with some followers.

User Presence in app streams and user streams

The presence scope can be requested by a user or app stream, showing instant updates to users' presences.

Files include lists of objects they are attached to

Now file objects include a list of the messages, polls, and posts that they have been attached to any, under attached_to. This helps determine what would be impacted if you deleted the file, and track down how you've used a file.

Exclude users from post search

When searching posts, you can provide a list of user IDs to the query field exclude_user_ids to exclude from the results. This could be useful if a particular user posts a lot about something and you want to see anyone else, or if you want to exclude yourself from a search.

Chat room names in E-mail digests

E-mail digest notifications will now include chat room names, if the channel is a chat room-type.

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Follower data in user export

Exporting your data now includes your followers and following users.


Stickying message without authentication returned nothing

Now stickying a message without authentication will return a proper error message.

User clients count missing on App Streams

When a User object came across an App Stream, it did not include counts.clients.

Bitrate field for Audio file raw

Audio files embedded in another object's raw data did not properly reference its bitrate.

Some calls not finding scopes when calling unauthenticated

Sometimes calling an endpoint that required authentication would fail and not explain itself.

V0 File Delete returns 404

Now it returns the deleted file info as expected.

V0 User Presence update response not consistent

It was returning unexpected objects.