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API Release 0.7.5



  • account area translations
  • New Privacy page includes mutes, blocks, and new function to limit who can create new private message channels with you
  • Bookmark E-mail notifications option for pnut badge supporters
  • App Streams support raw by setting appropriate query parameters on the websocket link


  • Developer client "tokens" are no longer a thing; instead, new clients can be made by developers after a certain period
  • kind is no longer required on file upload; you may juggle whether to specify kind, mime_type, neither, both
  • locale limited to smaller list; more locales should be added on demand and as supportable
  • email scope is not authorizable over Password Flow, to prevent possible privacy concern
  • Link entity parsing adjusted (now includes links preceded by parenthesis)
  • Message streams now allow negative count (?count=-4)
  • App Streams now can differentiate between revised, reposted, and newly created or deleted posts


  • Numerous possible edge cases with app streams returning partial objects

Released 2017-11-30