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API Release 0.7.4



  • App directory "early access" and "bot" categories
  • Tokens can be assigned a "token group" on creation, and tokens can be revoked for an app based on IP address and token group
  • kind: audio file type recognizes MP3, FLAC, and WAVE files
  • email scope has been added, which adds email to user tokens
  • files:core_image and files:core_audio special scopes have been added, giving access to their respective kind of files
  • oEmbed endpoint for posts and files
  • Endpoints for reporting posts and messages
  • newcomers post explore stream, including users' first 50 posts
  • Post, channel, and message searches allow ?raw_types parameter
  • and raw types


  • RSS moved from to (old links redirect)
  • Canonical posts and user profiles direct to @xyz's beta app
  • Notifications are silenced within 30 seconds of previous notifications of the same type, and channel notifications are silenced if the user has a stream marker ahead of the message
  • Developers can "remember" login


  • raw properly catches any improper values for value
  • Some cases where objects wouldn't be sent to app streams
  • User editing reverse markdown was broken with multiple markdown links
  • New developers' existing apps were not automatically made usable by other users
  • Bot and feed users' mentions did not correctly go to mention streams
  • ?include_message_html=0 was ignored

Released 2017-11-16