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API Release 0.7.0


This is a major feature update to


  • User, post, channel, and message search
  • Derivative files
  • Auto-generated thumbnails for images


  • File link expiration extended
  • ?include_directed_posts=0 does not exclude your own posts
  • Replies to your own posts do not add that thread to the Conversations explore stream
  • App streams allow the access token to be included in the header or query parameter, like other API calls
  • A message in a PM channel will re-subscribe any users who haven't muted the channel
  • Improved domain verification on profiles using rel="me" link
  • TOTP login authentication is available to everyone


  • /users/{user_id}/clients not retrieving all active clients in some cases
  • TOTP authentication setup
  • PM not able to find existing channel in some cases
  • Owners and full-ACL users not able to delete others' messages in non-PM channels
  • Complex tags in posts not rendered as links on
  • redirect_uri did not work with an edge case

Released 2017-08-27