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API Release 0.6.0


This is a major feature update to


  • File API
  • Pay-what-you-want tier!
    • Repost and follow E-mail notifications
    • RSS feed of personal and unified streams
    • File Storage
    • MFA logins (TOTP option)
  • Added microformats2 to posts and profiles
  • Added markdown_text to user profile when retrieving own profile (helpful for editing)
  • Including &simple_login=1 on web authentication flows now shows an embed-friendly page for oauth


  • Consolidated some account management areas
  • Increased invite limit from 5 to 7
  • Clarified activation process on new sign up
  • Notification E-mails are now digests
  • Avatars and cover images limited to 2097152 and 4194304 bytes, instead of 2000000 and 4000000 bytes
  • Posts from bots will not add threads to the "Conversations" explore stream
  • now reverses markdown when editing your profile


  • Password recovery E-mail address was case-sensitive
  • "Users" count on user objects (number of users invited) was incorrect
  • Deleted messages were not being sent to App Streams
  • Channel owner access was denied in an edge case

Note that after a year, current developers will have to pay $10/year for developer access.

Released 2017-07-25