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API Release 0.5.1


This is a minor feature and bug fix update to


  • The first developer to authorize an extended scope can now customize a description of what it is used for, when users authorize the scope in the future ("Content Types" in dev area)
  • Users can change username once, and can change capitalization as often as they want, from profile settings
  • Including #nsfw in a post automatically marks it as "Not Safe for Work", unless explicitly marked otherwise
  • Including ?exclude_channel_types= on channel streams excludes the given types from the stream (opposite of ?channel_types=)
  • Including ?include_limited_users=1 on subscribed channel streams and individual channel calls will include users as limited objects in the ACL instead of user IDs only
  • "Missed Conversations" explore stream added (random posts that had no interactions)


  • Activity log now includes administrative events (when an admin makes you a developer, suspends your account, etc.)
  • Bare links are now parsed differently, and will accept more valid links, including IPv4/6 addresses


  • Emoji tag streams did not function on
  • /users/{user_id}/posts now returns the user's posts even if an authorized user requests it after blocking or muting them

Released 2017-04-30