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API Release 0.5.0


This is a feature update to


  • App tokens
  • App Streams
  • Umlauts, emoji, foreign characters allowed in tags
  • Logo
  • Many new documents, some vague


  • Redirect URIs can now have query parameters and still validate
  • Link entities will not include redundant phishing protection
  • API documentation is rearranged, and included verbatim from the GitHub repository
  • OAuth now warns when the client is requesting a non-HTTPS redirect_uri, and better displays what is being authorized
  • now shows oembed images on posts. Other minor improvements
  • The "Support Us" page now includes message counts in the stats
  • Mentions in a post are now more likely to be considered "leading mentions"
  • Messages do not include counts.replies at all (for now)


  • Multiple manually submitted links would fail to be parsed
  • Invites were not calculated correctly (so were seldom given out)
  • Redirecting after login and related edge cases are improved around OAuth

Released 2017-04-15