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API Release 0.4.5


This is a minor feature update to


  • Invites are now created automatically
  • Each app in the directory now has its own simple page, with expanded description
  • Can hide posts directed at people you do not follow
  • Can hide "copy mentions" on the mentions endpoint
  • New Explore streams for posts that are Conversations, Trending, and Photos
  • New endpoint /users/me/channels/existing_pm retrieves a channel between a given set of users, if it exists
  • The subscribed channels endpoint (/users/me/channels/subscribed) includes count for unread PMs in the meta field
  • Can now add "notes" to unused invites, to easily track what you're doing with them


  • PM notifications are strictly indicators that you have unread PMs, and no longer contain the text of the messages
  • Better HTML version of the mention notification E-mail
  • Underscores now allowed in tags
  • Small improvement to threads and user profiles on
  • Clients now require approval before being published to the app directory


  • Deauthorizing a client that doesn't have any tokens now deauthorizes its scopes properly
  • Deleted posts should no longer show up in older threads/streams (as well as other bleeding possibilities)
  • Channels were showing up multiple times (a subscription bug) on the subscribed channels endpoint
  • count=-**n** now works as expected on post streams
  • Text with E-mail addresses in it should not be parsed as links or mentions

Released 2017-03-03