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API Release 0.4.0


This is a major update to The following is notable.


  • raw data on posts, messages, users, and channels
  • Stream markers can be updated to the latest ID on post or message creation
  • Channel-specific sticky messages
  • Channel thread endpoint


  • Revising posts saves the complete original post, where it used to only preserve the original text and html
  • X-API-Version header changed to a major.minor.bugfix format, though in 0.x.x, all are minor or bugfix changes


  • Avatars/covers not showing on profiles
  • /users/me/channels/subscribed was ordered by ID only, now by most recent message or most recent creation, with clarifying pagination_id
  • Requesting a token did not return the list of scopes for it
  • New user creation did not properly handle the created "follow" action
  • Calls for user avatars/covers were not forwarding query parameters

Released 2017-01-07