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API Release 0.3.0


This is a major update to The following is notable.


  • More capable app directory
  • Mutes and blocks management from
  • Channels
  • Stream markers
  • Client secret reset option


  • pagination_id added to user, post, message, and channel objects in paginated responses
  • Following, followers, muted, and blocked user lists are now paginated
  • PUT/DELETE bookmark returns the post bookmarked
  • presence endpoints now include a timestamp of the last time a user was seen (even when their status is not "offline")
  • Bookmarks are no longer restricted to the bookmarker
  • invited_by no longer included on user objects (simply able to look it up on the invite tree on
  • Developers required to enter password on every login
  • Markdown links and normal links are parsed by default. To prevent parsing, must include entities.parse_links=0
  • Requests for tokens respond with errors closer to OAuth 2.0 guidelines
  • Removed /posts/streams/feed, /posts/streams/link, /posts/streams/domain, /posts/streams/link (more appropriate to retrieve via future search)
  • Moved /system/configuration and /system/statistics to /sys/config and /sys/stats


  • Inviting a user now creates a "follow" action when they auto-follow the inviter
  • Blocks are missing fewer edge cases
  • Revising a post parsing markdown links and normal links improperly
  • Users' list of actions executed against them could only filter by one type; now any number

Released 2016-11-24