How To Dynamically Update Polling Streams

When polling a stream of posts like the global feed, or messages in a channel, there is a way to catch updates on deleted and revised posts.

When polling using since_id pagination, the meta object on the stream will include lists meta.deleted_ids and meta.revised_ids if a post has been deleted or revised after the ID of since_id was created.

For example: my client is making the request curl "", when 500 is the latest post in the stream. Someone deletes their post 244. The next time my client requests global with since_id=500, this is what I get back:

  "meta": {
    "more": false,
    "code": 200,
    "deleted_ids": [
  "data": []

Knowing this, my client can determine if post 244 is being displayed, and update its view to show that the post is now deleted.

The same is true for revised posts, and deleted messages. The client, knowing that a post is revised, could automatically make a call to GET /posts?ids=244, for whatever posts were revised that were also being displayed.

This is most useful when a client is polling forward, though; note that the sample of deleted and revised posts is not capped going forward. If you made a call with since_id=200 and 40 posts had been deleted since post 200 was created, you would get all of those IDs. So it is not very useful when a client is pulling up old, cached posts (a fresh request of old posts would include the deleted or revised posts' most recent state, rendering "updates" like these irrelevant).