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API Release 0.9.4


  • GET /sys/stats includes, which is unique account IDs accessed in the current UTC day
  • Entities now include gopher:// links in addition to http://, https://, and ftp://
  • Polls can optionally allow users to select multiple options, up to max_options
  • Channel search can be ordered by popularity--how many messages have been made in the channel
  • Channel search includes a basic text query of chat room names and descriptions
  • io.pnut.core.fallback_url added to raw elements


  • Reposts include their reposted posts' raw
  • GET /users/{id}/presence and GET /presence return limited users including avatar image, username, name
  • GET /token now includes markdown_text
  • Account badge and payment pages have been reorganized


  • E-mail notifications for polls closing occurred regardless of notification setting
  • Notification custom links not recognized
  • Unmuting from
  • First-time authorization after TOTP login failing to return Oauth state
  • Post search and user file retrieval edge cases
  • Documentation includes examples for user streams
  • markdown_text on GET /users/me parsed some links improperly

Released 2019-08-03