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API Release 0.9.2


  • Allow /text/process to render messages instead of posts, with a query parameter
  • File kind can be inferred from file extension
  • raw now attaches the related channel's name, if a "chat" channel
  • Markdown links with titles will show title on the object, not just embedded in html
  • Users can specify link template used in notification E-mails


  • Improved documentation for searches, and templatized API example responses
  • Known file extensions will be normalized lowercase
  • Ellipsis () is ignored at the end of inline links
  • Improved duplicate post handling
  • Links handle parentheses more naturally
  • Repost and bookmark E-mail notifications include the post's text
  • Developer accounts are now a one-time fee of $42, instead of an annual subscription
  • Tags can still include underscores in text and html, but lookups ignore them


  • Account data page wouldn't show usage for non-Badge-holders
  • Newly invited users did not register following the inviter
  • oEmbed raw was accepting strings and non-Integer numbers for image width and height
  • Gifted Pnut badges weren't accepted for one case
  • Authorizing new client email included an empty client name
  • redirect_uris with special schemes (not "https") weren't recognized
  • Post and message length was calculated with an approximation, now it uses the same calculation as in actual rendering
  • Post search failed for some lookup combinations

Released 2018-12-31