Current Version: 0.7.4 (Changes)

API Root: https://api.pnut.io/v0

Last Updated 2017-11-16

Welcome to the documentation for the pnut.io API.

Become a Developer

If this is your first time here, it is recommended that you become familiar with a few universal tools dictated here in the Implementation section, and then read through the areas of Authentication that you will want to use.

The How To section has some examples and explanation of more nuanced situations.

Note that user objects are included in JSON in the documentation frequently enough that they are simply included as {...}, except in the user sections specifically requesting user objects.

External Resources

Developer Chat

You are welcome to talk over the API in the Developer Channel. Questions, requests, floating ideas--any development-related conversation is encouraged!


List of libraries and code to easily interact with the API from various languages.

API Documentation

GitHub has a mirror of our API documentation. That is the recommended way to formally submit bugs and feature requests.

Object Metadata

A repository for object metadata to coordinate common channel and Raw types.


If you are developing an app for iOS, the @testuser account can be used for Apple Store reviewing.