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Update 2021-02-27

Version 1.0

This year we get to celebrate version 1.0.0 of the API being released!

This is a stake in the ground, saying we will mature what has already been built, while also making many small improvements to the "terms of the deal" between the API and applications. The list of changes is large, mostly around making it easier for developers to work with it, and improvements to channels.

Now we're using the Rust language in production! It's fun to have it running.


Bad times have come and gone more ways than one in the last year! And we're still here. :)

We're still bumping along fine, with exciting development and a cool crew of cats hanging around the water cooler. There are no plans for that to change. If you want to be involved in Pnut on any level, I'm glad to hear what that might mean.

E-mail Digests

I want to highlight one feature from the release that you all can try out: periodic E-mail digests.

This can be enabled from, where you can set a few things to be notified about.

If you want to change the pace at which you are notified, you can use this to only get notifications once a day or every few days. The digests also include more interesting highlights, like "trending posts that are not replies, from people you follow", and "posts from people you follow who haven't posted much recently".

Anyone can now also get instantaneous E-mail notifications for follows, reposts, and bookmarks. :)


We are fleshing out how Pnut and social media work in the About area of the site.

Take a look at the release notes for more specifics from this update!

@33MHz / Robert, on behalf of Pnut