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Update 2017-07-25.a

Files - v0.6.0

Today the API has been upgraded and the account and website interfaces have been updated significantly. You can read the more technical details in the API Changes.

Two major changes to the landscape here at pnut are the addition of file storage and, with it, an opportunity to support pnut more directly. Something of a business model has emerged for our hobby love. I want to keep the financials legitimate, so I didn't want to introduce a "free tier" storage teaser. But I also didn't want to bar anyone from reasonably having file storage if they want it, and it is also better for those who want to donate to have as few third parties as possible -- so storage and a few other perks have been packaged in a "pay-what-you-want" subscription. You may pay as little as $3 USD on a monthly or $10 USD on an annual subscription, getting you:

  • 10GiB File Storage
  • Repost and follow E-mail notifications
  • RSS feed of personal and unified streams
  • multi-factor authentication for

To enable these features, buy a badge! (If you're already giving through Patreon, we would be glad for you to move your contribution here instead, so we can give you these features for your support!)

Finally, developers will be able to build attachments into posts and messages without a third party service!

New developers will also have to pay $10 a year.

We hope you enjoy sharing photos and playing with files!