Add Your App to the Directory


To include your app in the app directory, you must have:

App Management Area

  • "Active / Publicly listed as your app" checked
  • A short description given for the app

Public Listing

  • Choose platforms
  • Check the box to "Include in the App Directory"
  • (save beforehand, then:) Submit the app for approval to be included, with the button at the bottom of the page

If you select a purpose for your app, it will be sorted into that category in the directory.

If you need a platform or purpose added, submit an issue on GitHub.

Early Access Apps

If you want to make your app available to users before it is fully developed, you may check "Early build (beta)" next to "Include in app directory", under the Public Listing.

Your listing will need the same requirements above, but will only show up under the "Early Access" category in the directory.

Disabling Client

Your options for disabling your client are:

  1. Remove your app from the directory (it won't be in the directory)
  2. Make your app inactive (it won't be in the directory or show up from GET /users/{id}/clients)
  3. Change your client secret (won't do anything if your app is client-side, but if your app uses the client_secret, it will stop working)

Downgrading from a developer to a non-developer account will prevent any new access tokens being created for your client except for you.