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#TeamAppdiction submission

(My 1st!)

Mutter - iOS IRC Client by Johnathan Clough

Whilst I’ve been ignoring you lot here I’ve been ignoring others whilst messing about in IRC channels :)
VSCO [] now supports video editing with their filters. Looks so nice, with what I have tried so far. 😄 #TeamAppdiction
Fleksy has been updated to work with iOS 10!! #teamappdiction
Oh hello fellow pnuts. I couldn’t take the mutes over at Twitter so I figured I’d stop by :)

Any nice looking iPad apps for pnut yet? #teamappdiction
Nobo [] + #iPadPro + #ApplePencil = Amazing! 😍

Recognize handwriting and transform to text you can copy & paste.

App Store Link: MyScript Nebo – Note Taking []

Go #TeamAppdiction #TeamAPKdiction
RP @i70dan Does TeamAppdiction hang out in Pnut? I have a question regarding Android podcast players.
#teamappdiction >> @hb75: Tipp: Humble Software Bundle "Pay What You Want" []
Anyone into third party keyboards on iOS? Is #SwiftKey any good? #TeamAppdiction
#Drafts for iOS needs more love ❤️ #TeamAppdiction.

Drafts - Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere! af Agile Tortoise []

Really love the new version. Most used app on my iPhone and iPad.
Apps I've gotten for my new #iPadPro:

* #AffinityPhoto
* #ProCreate
* #GoodNotes
* #OmniFocus
* #DayOne
* #1Blocker

Any other apps I should have a look👀 at #TeamAppdiction? 😇
How I arranged my modular watchface on #AppleWatch: Date > Time > CARROT Weather > Airmail > OmniFocus > Music

#WWDC 2017 winner #Airmail is awesome! Love having all my email accounts unified and the #AppleWatch app nice.

Anyone use adblockers on iOS? Any use or tried 1Blocker []? Worth paying $4.99 for? Any other worthwhile alternative? #TeamAppdiction
Nice Camera+ [] for iPad has added support for the #ApplePencil. #TeamAppdiction #ipadpro
#Notability vs. #GoodNotes vs #Neba. It's in the right direction. Any other good alternatives #TeamAppdiction? Which should I go for?
@unixb0y a turn off feature would be lovely in iOS 11 but I'm not holding my breath. ;-)
I remember thinking that 64gb should be plenty of room. I should have kept #TeamAppdiction in mind and splurged on a 128gb. LOL
Any watched Planet of the Apps? Truly this must be every #TeamAppdiction's dream. A show about apps!😀
Wasn't impressed by the first two apps though. Hope some more interesting apps show up later... #PlanetoftheApps
As a follow-up to this week's awesome #hackday I would like to give away some #PnutButler promo codes, if you already have the App you can also get a code for the In-App purchase 😊
@unixb0y yay! #teamappdiction I'm back! Hallo @bondman! still have #appdiction :)

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