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iOS, Android, and email @mention, reply, messaging, and group push notifications for pnut

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Description watches Pnut for things you might be interested in, and lets you know about them with the notification system of your choice, with options on iOS and Android. Containers tons of options allowing you to really fine tune what you want to be alerted to and how.

Things can notify you of:

- When I'm @mentioned in a public post
- When someone replies to my posts, even if I'm not mentioned
- When someone reposts one of my posts
- When someone follows me
- When someone unfollows me
- When someone stars one of my posts
- When someone unstars one of my posts
- When specified #hashtags are used in a post
- When I receive a private message
- When I am mentioned in a channel that I subscribe to
- When anyone posts to a channel that I subscribe to
- When I am subscribed to a channel
- When I am unsubscribed from a channel
- When a user subscribes to my channels
- When a user unsubscribes from my channels

Ways can notify you:

- Pushover (iOS / Android)
- Notify My Android (Android)
- Prowl (iOS)
- Email (all devices)
- Boxcar (iOS)

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Android, Browser, iOS, Other
May 5, 2018
Last Updated
Jan 12, 2019