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Full featured Pnut client, supports iOS 14+, macOS 11+ and Android (

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Check out what's happening on the pnut community, live. If it's happening on pnut, it's happening on Arachis.

With Arachis, you can publish GIFs (either from GIPHY* or record one yourself), add images via pnut Files, and much more.

Arachis also has top-notch (pun intended) support and readily available updates!

Other features include:

- Sleek UI, made for iOS
- Color themes
- Multiple icons
- Poll support
- Dark mode (OLED-optimized)
- Multiple account support
- External profiles support
- Preloading of URLs
- Timeline filtering
- Thread indicator
- Push Notifications for follows, mentions, bookmarks, reposts
- PMs and Group Chats
- Custom font sizes and a choice of many fonts
- A reminder for you to join the awesome #MondayNightDanceParty when it's happening
- ... and much more!

*GIPHY is a third-party, not associated in any way with Rafael Costa, Arachis, or any other name herein mentioned.

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Android, iOS, macOS
Oct 7, 2016
Last Updated
Jan 18, 2022