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#beta updated.
* Supports image thumbnail
* Improved sidebar and navbar menu
* Improved profile page
* Fixed some bugs
* Added page transition animation
* Optimized layouts for narrow screen like smartphone

@xyz @blumenkraft here we have the creator :D
@xyz Highly appreciated! Did you port it from Alpha?
@schmidt_fu Thanks! I made from scratch basically, but reuse a part of scss code only.
@xyz I see, it has the look of Alpha, but it feels more modern :-)
What are your plans for it? Do you accept issues on Github?
@schmidt_fu roadmap [] /@xyz
@unixb0y i know. already asked @xyz payment infos and they are in the making. :)

thank you Davide for the hint.
@blumenkraft Alright perfect 😉 You're welcome Jochen! 😊 @xyz
@xyz This Webclient looks great, thank you very much. @blumenkraft
@teebeuteltier and the name is hilarious @xyz!! :)
@blumenkraft Yes, the name is really really good. @xyz

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