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Evolutionstheorie: Türkei streicht die Evolution aus dem Lehrplan | ZEIT ONLINE 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ [] #Turkey
@Streakmachine yeah I saw this:
AM8 - Metal Frame for Anet A8 by pheneeny
My other option would be to build an original Prusa i3 with Chinese parts of course :D
real live quote by @kwood:

"Pnut is like 'bring your own client'".

this will be the slogan on the next mug!!

// @33mhz
@blumenkraft oh that's absolutely no issue with PETG :D
Above 100 Celsius it gets more and more easy to bend and deform but at that temperatures it should be just fine :)
I'll send you an extra one, put it in the dishwasher at 75 and see what happens :D
@blumenkraft 🤔 on the other hand, it should be food-safe as it's almost the stuff you have in your regular water bottle... :)
How hot does it get inside a dishwasher?
@blumenkraft My main concern would be that I don't think PETG is food-safe :/
@blumenkraft didn't test, how hot does it get? :) I can send you a failed print or 2 so you can test it :)
@blumenkraft I know 😔😂
Thanks Jochen 😊
Btw: they should be pretty safe to wash with hot water :) I tested a bit on failed prints :)
@blumenkraft that's what I'm going to do 😉
@Streakmachine yeah. Or I will get an A8 kit and build an Aluminium frame :)
It's really convenient getting all the screws etc. that you need in one box 😉
@blumenkraft here we go 😊I just printed small keychains until I ran out of filament so now we have 12 small ones and 10 larger ones :)
pnut: Persistently (Permanently?) Not Use Twitter
Great #pnut3d news: I'm happy to announce that we have awesome coasters as well as keychains in 2 sizes 😊
@Streakmachine hey bro look what I discovered:
I might be getting this instead, as with the Tarantula I'm not sure about the x-axis design and the single z-axis motor 🤔
@Streakmachine 😄😄👌🏼 on the other hand, already knowing what I would change / upgrade I'm not sure if I should just build one from scratch myself 🙈
@hybotics Installing / configuring a bed leveling sensor can be more of a pain than a bit of manual leveling :P
Using a dedicated little table just for my printer helped a lot retaining the leveling for longer :)
@hybotics With time, you get much better and faster at leveling. Currently, I only have to do it every ~50 hrs of printing and it takes 10 minutes or so 😉
@hybotics 200x200 is more or less standard imho :P That's why I'm also having a look at the CR-10 😊
Tbh, for a long time I thought I needed bed leveling, turned out I just wasn't experienced enough but now it's really no problem for me :)
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