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Had an incredible dinner at The Bridge Room. Three hats. The Australian version of Michelin Stars. The sommelier knew me and looked after me and my liver perfectly.
@scott It was pleasant but not jaw-dropping the last time I went there, but it was a second date, so I didn't want to go crazy with a degustation or something and weird her out. (I usually like to do a degustation if I can, but some people aren't into it.)
@cgiffard I am a fan of degustation myself. But my wife is not. We don't do them frequently as a result.
@scott Huh! I'd never actually heard of anybody not liking degustation. Is it too much food or alcohol?
@scott (For clarification, when I said "some people aren't into it", I meant — "some people aren't interested in spending three to five hundred a head on dinner".)
@cgiffard 99% of all seafood grosses me out, so I tend to do better for myself if I spend that kind of dough on meals where I choose what to eat.

On the other hand, bringing at least one seafood-eating companion isn't tough.

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