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@33mhz As the dungeon master of most things pnutty, I thought you would be the one to ask where I could find a list of the living apps of pnut and I hope it has a table listing features of each…I could not post a .MOV on broadsword so I wondered how to?
@prometheus has the canonical list of apps that devs want you to see. @blumenkraft maintains something of a list, but no comparison.
@33MHz @blumenkraft muchos gracias!
@prometheus I think Broadsword's file upload is strictly images, right now; pretty sure it tries to oembed it. might be the only sure bet for a straight file upload app. Most are image-focused for now.
@33MHz o/ does nutcracker console app work w/ pnut ? i do prefer to use console where possible
@cirrus it's actually a web app, it just means console as in a series of the API calls pretty verbatim.
@prometheus not only gives you a list of available apps you can also find ways to financially support apps.
// @33mhz
@blumenkraft @33mhz umso besser!

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