Post 133329

Today is some sort of meeting a distant cousin lunch date. Naturally, my grandfather of 92 is about as grouchy as they come and is dressed for war. Wonder if it's too late to dip out and grab a bite to eat at McDonald's. I don't want to play Switzerland 🙄
@skematica doesn't sound like the sort of crowd that appreciates peace makers . My condolences.
@prometheus we're all reasonable people but the old man is crotchety because he thinks that's how old men are supposed to be. Must have had bad role models.
@skematica I went through my curmudgeonhood early…got it out of the way in my late 40'/early 50's. I felt I was already too seasoned to care what other people felt about my behavior. To emerge from this I had to realize that /I/ cared about my behavior.

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