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Hey, anyone using that Google Inbox ? Wondering if it would tame my overstuffed Gmail inboxes where indolence and inconsistent tagging have mired 80000 emails.
@prometheus Yes. Purely for the well-targeted alerts amount emails. Does a good job of calling out stuff I care about. (And then I look it up in iOS Mail.)

It does call out useful info pretty darn well if you look in the Inbox app, though.
@prometheus I've been using Airmail for the last year or so and I'm almost always at inbox zero. I've been test driving Astro but I've been unimpressed with the app so far.
@josephaleo thanks. I didn't know about either option.
@jws good. Better filtering is what I need.
@prometheus I use google inbox. The auto sorting of emails is pretty accurate and definitely helps me cut to what's important!
@thedoctor there is some art to setting up the categories that I have bungled.
@prometheus the category filtering is pretty good out of the box but I had to fine tune a couple things. For example, sometimes a promo email for a company would end up in the purchases bin because I just bought something. Otherwise, no major issues.

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