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Woke up to a child screaming earlier;
"Mommy, mommy. Emergency! It's an emergency!"
"What emergency, is someone hurt?"
"No! There are ants! All.over.the.counter."
"I think we need to work on what 'emergency' means..."
@Wife I'm with the child. That's totally an emergency.
@mcdemarco i also see so, that is very important! @Wife
@papierzeit @mcdemarco Yeah, I am glad she told me, but would have liked for it to be a few decibels softer. :)
@Wife @mcdemarco yes, of course this is a big problem. Has our daughter also :)
@papierzeit @mcdemarco @Wife You are talking about just *how many* ants? For my 1yo daughter currently the incredible amount of *one* ant (other species will also do) is reason enough to freeze, stop playing and shout "Da! 'Meise, 'meise!!"
@schmidt_fu Hi Hi hi....
/@Wife @mcdemarco
@schmidt_fu there were more than one. Maybe six. :) @papierzeit @mcdemarco
@Wife OMG thats a lot! @schmidt_fu @mcdemarco
@schmidt_fu I love the "other species will also do" and the "'Meise"! 😂😂😂🙈😍
// @Wife @mcdemarco @papierzeit

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