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I use jarred garlic.
@Wife Lazy?
@bazbt3 it really doesn't taste *quite* right, and it makes me feel a little guilty.
@Wife I know what you mean. Who complains? :)
@bazbt3 no one complains to me, my food is still impeccable. ;)
@Wife I use frozen garlic and partially dried ginger. Makes food prep so much easier.
@Wife :) I have complained about food to my wife precisely twice in 12 years: the first about way too much mint sauce, an excess of green, in mashed potato. She agreed, gave up eating it at that point too! Phew!

The second time? It's still too raw.

@Wife I'm tempted every time I pass a jar in the supermarket, but instead I just make @olszowka peel and chop them.

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