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Thanks for your vote @schoeni. Please excuse the delay getting round to you, I used my tired old brain to match your name with your username. :)
@bazbt3 Haha I didn't expect a personal thank you message. It is appreciated though 😃
Thanks for your vote @jdscolam, we're probably approaching an all-time high number of ThemeMonday votes on Pnut. ;)
@bazbt3 you got to love statistics… :D
@blumenkraft Well, @bondman is filling that role so far. :)
// @jdscolam
@bazbt3 it's how you spin it. and you sir are a real spin doctor. ;)
@bondman @jdscolam
@blumenkraft Maybe yes, maybe no. ;D
// @jdscolam @bondman

The POLL for OUR very FIRST #THEMEMONDAY CLOSES on SUNDAY morning, for Monday April 10th!

VOTE at & wait for the result, then CREATE your NEW AVATAR!

Thanks for your vote @der_Jeff. 28! :)
@bazbt3 I wish that was my age...
Thanks for the vote @ludolphus. 29! :)
@der_Jeff Yeah. I mean no.*

*I mean yeah. :D

The poll for our next ThemeMonday (on Monday April 10th) ends in around 12 to 18 hours, Sunday morning UTC.

Cast your vote here, make your voice heard!

Current #ThemeMonday vote standings (29 participants):
> #PnutMonday - 45%
> #BabyPicsMonday - 24%
> #ProperStrongMonday - 14%
> #SolidColoursMonday - 14%
> #StartingOverMonday - 3%

Pnut the Vote! [] 🗳✓
Vote now!!
// @bazbt3
Thanks for your vote @ccp. 30! :)
@bazbt3 no problemo 😉

I'll close the poll for April 10th's #ThemeMonday sometime between 2 and 14 hours from now.

Your vote could change history; don't miss out! Go now to

More here:
Thanks for voting @TheDimPause. 34!! :)
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