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Everyone, I don't often do this, but say hi and follow @darthgrammar and @darkhawk, they're awesome.
@jdscolam followed both @darthgrammar @darkhawk
@jdscolam didn't need to be told of the awesomeness of @darkhawk @darthgrammar 👍🏻
@jdscolam @darkhawk @darthgrammar ok! Hi!
@jdscolam Done! @darkhawk @darthgrammar
@Josh thanks man! @darkhawk @darthgrammar
"Now what you hear is not a test I'm rappin' to the beat
And me, the groove and my friends are gonna try to move your feet
See I am the @darkhawk and I'd like to say hello,
To the @pamela, @formfireglass, and the @phoneboy,
To the @josh and @cano..."
@Darkhawk 🤣 @pamela @darkhawk @josh @cano @phoneboy
@Darkhawk Bravo! Bravo! 👏 Haha, I love it! Nice to see you, my friend. 😊 @josh @phoneboy @formfireglass @pamela
@Darkhawk Hello!
/ @cano @josh @phoneboy @formfireglass @pamela @darkhawk

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