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Superman is a Hufflepuff.
Work and my feet hurt
@33MHz great idea! I'll try to remember
Give them a listen here.
Music style of the week: El Son (from Cuba). Check out the Afro-Cuban All Stars for some fun music!
@mcdemarco very helpful, thanks!
#pnut currently has 557 users who created 204249 posts and 34957 messages with 93 apps in 401 days.
Since my last post there were 29.1 posts/hour.
My pitch to Weird Al would be a song based on Blackbird from the White Album about a guy who can't go to sleep because his phone keeps buzzing.

"Blackberry rings in the dead of night…"
@Swiftshirt I second that pitch
I think the National Honors Society is the most beneficial waste of time...
@33MHz Okay. Because of some soccer game schedule complications I probably will not be able to come today. So sorry! I might do some work myself at home for a bit...
@33MHz Shoot!! I forgot how tight my schedule is today. What time do you guys plan on wrapping up?
Happy national Hug a Bassist Day!
#NowPlaying: Roger Waters - In the Flesh (Live) (In the Flesh (Live))
Download on iTunes []
It's that time of year again... The PSAT memes have begun
We are going to survive until naptime. We are going to survive until naptime. We are going to survive until naptime.

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