Post 51228

Testing the ability to POSSE posts to via @WithKnown courtesy of @dgold.
@chrisaldrich @dgold it works! It just works. I'm reading up about backfeeds, but slowly. Also would be good to do for bookmarks.
@jeremycherfas +1 for bookmarks!
Another thing to test is if one can @reply using Known and maintain threading. I wonder if this works? #pnut
(had to manually POSSE, btw)
@chrisaldrich @jeremycherfas I've been looking at them, honestly, but the issues are fairly complex.

e.g. There's no real 'interface' for posts, as with twitter, so its *extremely* difficult to get an Url-scheme that can be taken apart.
@chrisaldrich @jeremycherfas Take your most recent post on this thread, Chris, the pseudo-canonical URL is, but the reply-in-thread url is
That's all fine, but the posts.pnut URL doesn't give a username
@dgold Both of those seem to show the reply in thread. If you do, it redirects to the latter version with username, and keeps the fragment ID, so scrolls to the target post still. @jeremycherfas @chrisaldrich

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