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Chris Aldrich

Biomedical Engineer: information theory, complexity, math, microbiology, food; Entertainment industry: manager, producer, publisher


How awesome is that?! Even without expressly replying to the tweet, @WithKnown correctly POSSEs to Twitter maintaining the original thread.
After more than 2 years, I finally got my first spam comment on Known. Otherwise, it's been rock solid. @WithKnown + #webmentions #FTW
@jeremycherfas +1 for bookmarks!
Another thing to test is if one can @reply using Known and maintain threading. I wonder if this works? #pnut
(had to manually POSSE, btw)
Testing the ability to POSSE posts to via @WithKnown courtesy of @dgold.
I'm mourning the death of ADN while joining pnut as a replacement.

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