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Just going to step away from node.js for a while. Not being able (as far as I'm aware) to set variables outside a function is annoying. Probably my fault for using it incorrectly. Always have to do things the hard way first, it seems. *sigh* #sleepy
@bmlzootown like, global variables?
@33MHz Indeed. I'm, more than likely, looking at the whole problem the 'wrong' way.
@bmlzootown Globals are properties on either the object named window (browser JS) or global (node JS). So = 1 will update that global from wherever (assuming you didn't clobber global in your local scope). @33MHz
@bmlzootown I'm happy to step you through sharing data between modules if you like! Link me to a bit of source code you're working on, with a bit of an explanation of what you want to do. :)

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